Manage your weather risk

Manage your weather risk

Signing up for AgriClime is simple:

  • Working with your local Syngenta sales rep or AgriEdge specialist, simply enter your farm coordinates and qualifying Syngenta products
  • Receive a personalized risk protection offer based on 20 years of local NOAA weather history
  • Upload your proofs of purchase and your enrollment is finalized
  • Weather results along with any cash back on your offer are automated at the end of the season

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How AgriClime works

See how AgriClime has given confidence to others:

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For instant support call the Syngenta Digital support team at (270) 435 - 4369 (Monday - Thursday, 7:00 AM EST to 6:00 PM EST, Friday until 5:00 PM EST). We’re happy to help, and wish you a fantastic growing season!