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A successful growing season is dependent on the weather during every stage of the plant lifecycle. AgriClime is a weather protection program, built into qualifying Syngenta product purchases. In the event of certain adverse weather conditions during key growth stages, AgriClime returns a cashback benefit on those purchases.

Quick and personalized sign-up

The digital AgriClime enrollment process is easy; working with your Syngenta Sales Representative or AgriEdge Specialist, simply enter your farm coordinates and select your qualifying Syngenta protocol to receive a personalized risk protection offer based on your weather history. Upload your proofs of purchase and your enrollment is finalized.

Our robust weather protection engine utilizes local NOAA weather stations and 20 years of weather history to generate a unique risk protection offer for your growing region's weather block. You can even see how much of a payout you would have received in previous years with drought conditions.

AgriClime cashback chart

No bundles, hassles or hidden fees

Other offers in the marketplace are rebate, bundle focused or seek a piece of your profits in high-yield years. AgriClime is free of charge and free of surprises. We strive to help you maximize the output of your operation with our premier products; we will stand with you when the weather is poor; and we won’t come calling for a piece of your hard earned profits.

End to end service

From kick-off to cashback, AgriClime comes with the same great Syngenta Digital support that AgriEdge® growers have come to know and trust. Our customer support team is available throughout the program period by email or phone to assist with any questions or concerns.


AgriClime cashback exampleAgriClime cashback example  

Chart represents an example only.


Automated and fast payout if weather peril occurs

If qualifying conditions are met, growers will be contacted by the Syngenta Digital team for settlement.

AgriClime cashback chart

Call (270) 435-4369 or email support

Our support hours are Monday to Friday From 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Central (to 5:00 PM on Fridays)


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